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Each workstation is furnished with a well sized desk bearing multiple lockable drawers,a comfortable office chair and a complete computer system readily connected to high speed internet. The floor plan within the workstation area is designed to allow a significant amount of privacy for each workstation, with desk partitioning and ample room between adjacent workstations. Each workstation is numbered. You find the number of your workstation on the top right or left corner of your partition divider. To minimize congestion and more importantly to enhance security for the members, only enrolled members may access the workstation areas. Clients may only be hosted within the meeting areas.



PSC provides broadband internet with a dedicated duplex link of 512MB and a consistent record of providing a 99.8% guarantee on speed and connectivity

Centre Hours

The centre remains open from 7:30 am – 9:00pm Monday – Friday and 9:30am – 5:00pm Saturday. Centre remains closed on Sundays and all public holidays.



DSC03032The receptionist at the Centre is well trained for all front office procedures. There is a receptionist available during all official open hours of the Centre.  Where the main receptionist is not available he or she may be assisted by another Centre staff member.The receptionist has five tasks: to receive visitors, to handle phone calls, to take messages and to control meeting room usage.




DSC03028There are three types of meeting areas: 3 semi partitioned dual-seater meeting areas,2 enclosed board rooms designed for meetings of up to 3 or 4 persons per room and a conference room designed for up to 10. 

Conference Room

While all other meeting areas are accessible on little or no advance notice, the conference room must be reserved at least 3 days in advance in order to guarantee reservation. Reservations are recommended where a member anticipates holding a training session. Without the reservation, the conference room also remains available to all members on a walk-in basis. A conference room schedule and booking sheet can be found with the receptionist. The maximum consecutive period allowable for conference room use is 3 hours. If a longer period is desired a timeline waiver may be requested.


Board Rooms and Meeting Areas

The board rooms and meeting areas are well designed for holding short client meetings or for placing short land line calls to prospects or clients. In addition, board rooms are readily cabled to enable members who wish to showcase an online presentation via their own computer lap tops to plug into a nearby internet outlet.   Since the board room and meeting areas are designed for short meetings, members are advised to occupy meeting areas for no more than 30 minutes at a time.



The Centre provides cleaning services for all workstation.  

Messenger Services

The Centre provides a messenger service to run your short errands and deliveries within the Central Business District (CBD).  A single delivery run is made each week day beginning at 11:00am – 3.00pm To utilize the messenger service, members may submit items for delivery to the receptionist prior to 11:00am. Members are advised NOT to use the messenger service for anything that requires carrying a large amount of cash, highly confidential documents, sealed boxes or valuables.

Post Office Box

You may use the Centre's post office box for all your mail correspondence. You will find the address posted on the rear side of your membership card. The mail box is located at the General Post Office and is checked daily.

Bureau Services

Printing, scanning, fax and CD writing services are available to members at a fee per usage. A price schedule is available at the bureau desk. The bureau service is set up to enable payment for the services in cash at the time of use. A short term credit facility is also available where a member may accrue bureau services and make a single payment for services invoiced once a week.

Served Beverages

Tea or coffee is available and often served at approximately 10:00am at a cost of Ksh 25/= per cup. Beverages may however be ordered at any time as long as the attendant is available. Payments towards beverages can be made either in cash at time of purchase.

Professional Solutions Centre (PSC) Quality Control

To ensure that the services provided within the centre are kept professional, as well as to enable planning for improvements, there are survey sheets that ask for your response towards your experiences with PSC staff and facilities. Survey sheets are accessible at various general meeting areas or may be requested from receptionist. A drop-off box within the centre is provided via which completed survey sheets may be submitted.

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